titan snow pic.jpeg

Meet Titan! After all the company is named after him…

Titan is a very special rescue dog that our founder, Drew, rescued over 3 years ago. A friend found Titan in a local shelter and knew this was the dog for him. Within a few hours, that became a reality.

“I adopted Titan in September of 2015 and just celebrated his 4th birthday. He’s brought so much to our family and friends, we can’t imagine where we would be without him. Titan inspired me to take on this new small business to sell high quality coffee while giving back to our community. It’s amazing what our pets do for us daily that we sometimes don’t notice at all. He showed me how to be a better person and has continued to teach me many valuable lessons.” - Drew | Founder, Titan Coffee Co.

But what does this have to do with coffee you ask? Head over to ‘Our Story’ to find out!